The ladies behind the designs, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze

The ladies behind the designs, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze.

The girls of Tata Naka never cease to impress me. For those of you who haven’t heard of them (Oh, how deprived your mind has been!), Tata Naka is a collection headed by the fierce twin sister duo, Tamara and Natasha Surguladze. Growing up in Georgia (The country, NOT the state..), these girls then moved to London to pursue their careers, launching a collection that was featured in Topshop as their graduation project. From then on, it has only been up for Tata Naka, continuously being featured at fashion weeks, making appearances in the show Sex and the City, plus being worn on the red carpet by such celebrities as Leona Lewis and Diane Vickers. *takes deep breath* Phew. You might think after all that exposure, there designs might have lost some of their original aesthetic, there’s where you would be wrong.

For their AW 14-15 collection at London Fashion Week, their runway show hosted bold color-blocking, edgy necklines, and classic cuts that are just raw enough to bring an element of edginess. Think a 1950’s ballerina skirt in a blue and orange oriental print, featuring a cinched waistband, or perhaps a structured pant with a crepe paper texture. Oh wait! Those looks are actually some that premier at the Tata Naka show! One of the most compelling things about this collection is that  it was actually transformed into an exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art.

A set of looks photographed for the Tata Naka collection.

A set of looks photographed for the Tata Naka collection.

A seemingly appropriate location, seeing as the collection’s inspiration is largely drawn from Henri Matisse’s paintings. To profile the designs, each look was photographed in front of an oriental blue wallpaper, a wallpaper that was the same print as one of the fabrics used in the collection. Each look is a part of a set that includes other looks of the same fabric print–ranging from oriental china plate blues to traditional yellow-orange florals. Not only does print play a major role in the looks, but also the ideas behind the type of fabrics used. The fabrics used are supposed to mirror homewares, taking on the feel of tablecloths, duvets, and blankets (explaining why they were photographed with wallpaper backgrounds!), making use of such fabric types as silk crepe de chine, luxurious wool crepe and georgette. Tata Naka also introduced plain and textured bonded silk neoprene to create a modern silhouette.  Despite the completely captivating garments of the collection, the real showstoppers are the footwear designs, designs that are influenced by elegant furnitures throughout the century, specifically claw-foot bathtubs.

The glorious Tata Naka AW 14-15 footwear.

The glorious Tata Naka AW 14-15 footwear.

Whatever gruesome, taloned shoe you are picturing–forget that! These metallic, heeled beauties are sure to be every fashion blogger’s staple for winter. The shoes themselves largely include short booties and oxford-style slip-ons, featuring sparkling leather panels and neon tassels. Even the footwear they design is full of classic 20th century inspiration! Tata Naka is an incredibly versatile brand, truly a brand that consistently delivers and never fails to amaze me. All I have to say is, en avant Tata Naka! En avant! 




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